Why I Am Called To Do This Work

It is my deep honour and calling to bring the mysteries of the Dragon Rose to the Light. I am devoted in service to the Divine and our Sacred Mother Earth; to their prayer of healing and awakening humanity, through accessing and embodying our Sovereign Sacred Sexuality and Power.

Within each one of us we hold a unique code to bring healing to the earth, one that was seeded as consciousness on Gaia from the womb of creation. These codes are being activated as more of her beloved children are hearing the call and returning home to the truth of their Sovereign light and divinity. The vibrations and songs are literally being sung in harmony along the ley lines of the Earth, and offer us the blessing of remembrance. Reawakening our gifts as scared keepers of this wisdom and protecters of the Earth.

I have been guided to open the gateways to the Dragon Rose code; an embodiment of a devoted awareness to the earth and our bodies. Acting as chalice for the free flow of the vibration of divine love though us. A bridge for heaven and earth. A carrier of a new unified balance of the highest vibration of divine masculine and feminine energies through our beings.

The invitation is one of trust and surrender into our own healing and awakening journeys. As we unlock the gates to our sacred Temple we open the doors to becoming this vessel. A sacred container of this love. We become the chalice that openly moves the light and shakti of the sacred feminine through us, so that no matter what our profession or calling, we are able to with love, honour and integrity offer these blessings to every soul we connect with.

As women are guided to embody and connect with the sensuous nature of their priestess they are able to carry this vital aspect of themselves into the world. Men can once more become open to the dynamic and sacred aspect of the feminine and thereby facilitate necessary modifications in political, social, economic and religious structures. In this way, humankind, can restore to consciousness the creative and loving force of the feminine nature that which so long ago was embodied as the sacred prostitute. 

With a clear and balanced container, love and intention we are able to dance in the juice and the fire of sacred inner union. As we integrate both aspects of the divine within ourselves there is no identification of masculine and feminine vibrations, simply a divine purity, the highest unity vibration of the divine that can be expressed. Whether we are in partnership or activating this alchemy through sacred union within we become light workers of potent magic.

This unified balance of masculine and feminine energy offered to Gaia anchors a vibration of harmony into the earth’s energetic template to bring balance to the masculine and feminine vibrations of humanity. This role is of the highest calling on our Earth in these times. This vibration is one that will restore homeostasis on our sacred Gaia. 

Your willingness to accept this truth and the truth of each soul you connect with will enable you to become ever more present, at the same time as conducting much healing within you. The creation of this supreme unconditional love fuels your beings, filtering into Mother Earth.