The Secrets Have Been Revealed… The Path Illuminated… She Is Calling For Her Sovereign Sexual Healers To Be ReBorn.

The Mysteries Of The Dragon Rose Await You in Avalon


Women Of The Light


Heal And Awaken Your Sexuality - Activate Your Priestess Path - Step Into The Light Of Your Sovereign Divinity

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12th -13th OCTOBER 2019



Your Invitation

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From within the deep dark womb of no-thing a seed of creation is planted; a secret is revealed. A code is unlocked, remembered and resurrected through the Dragon Rose Mysteries

Beloved Women, Sisters, Priestesses

It is my great honour to share with you this very special workshop. Women of the Light. An initiation into the Dragon Rose Mysteries.

I offer to you a gateway, to unlock the doors to your sacred Temple and your Sovereign Sexual Divinity. Sharing the teachings and activations as they are offered through me. These mysteries are a call from the Divine and a prayer from the heart of Gaia. For you to awaken your sacred heart and come home to the Shekinah light of your soul.

Women’s sexual mysteries have been hidden away for eons. We’ve all paid a price for the repression of our birthright: full access to our Divine life force energy.

I now offer you the missing piece.

Stepping back through the gateways into the Golden Age of the Temples of Babylon; a time when the Sacred Prostitute was revered and honoured. A time when sexuality was offered through blessings of love and fertility to the land. The alchemic magic that brought balance and harmony to the Earth, through sexual rites and ceremony. Merging Masculine and Feminine, God and Goddess, Light and Dark, Heaven and Earth. This is the Path of the Dragon Rose Priestess.

You are now being offered the opportunity with Mary Magdalene, The Black Madonna and the Dragons of Sophia as your guides, to reclaim your true feminine power. To awaken the Priestess within you, and to once again be the embodiment of love that will bring harmony and peace to our Sacred Gaia.

It is my highest calling to guide you along this path into the bliss of your sovereign divinity. So with all my heart, I invite those longing to be held, healed, awakened, opened, activated and initiated, to step into this powerful sacred container with me. 

With gratitude,


To read more about why I am called to do this work and what it may mean if you are called to join me.



The Dragon Rose Mysteries 

The Dragon Rose Mysteries were activated within me as I followed the call of my own sacred heart and soul, with its full reclamation initiated and embodied on the sacred Isle on Avalon. As I was guided through the gateways of the land, the codes were unlocked and once again resurrected within my awareness.

The Dragon Rose spoke deeply to my heart and soul. She spoke of love, truth, harmony, balance and the seed of creation planted within the hearts and souls of her beloved rising Priestesses and Priests Her message was so clear to me, as she guided me to share her wisdom and the mysteries with all those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Humanity is birthing a new Sovereign Sexual Healer among her people. If you are hearing the call of her mysteries or the call to Avalon, you are being called HOME. To receive and integrate these sacred codes and wisdom teachings that are vital for the healing and wholeness of our Mother Gaia.

Walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and their enlightened ancestors as you re-weave the sacred balance of masculine and feminine within your body and heart. Receive the alchemical initiations and transmissions that will bring you into the wholeness you’ve been preparing for your entire life. Rise fully into the powerful priestess you’ve always known yourself to be.



What You’ll Receive

  • Delicious, Healthy Lunches to nourish your being

  • Ceremonial Initiations to enrich your spirit

  • Delicious Dance to embody your sensuality

  • Embodiment Practices to revitalise your energy

  • Mystical Transmissions to activate your awareness

  • Beautiful nature to engage your senses

  • White Spring Healing Ceremony guided by Gnostic Mysteries Storyteller and Magdalene Priest - Oliver William Huntley

  • Fully guided Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® Touch (AH)

    • To evolve your sexual consciousness 

    • to empower sisterhood healing

    • to activate your feminine power & presence 

    • to liberate & release blocks to your freedom 

    • to transcend whatever is holding you back!


Your Facilitators


Emma Beth

Emma Beth is a devoted Gaia Priestess, Spiritual Sexual Educator, and Voice of the Divine. It is her honour to be of assistance in guiding others in their willingness to receive their unlimited Divine nature. With sacredness and integrity she opens the doors to activate the sovereign healing and awakening of sexuality in men and women so that may remember their truth as limitless co-creators on this Earth.

Emma weaves together the wisdom and teachings she is gifted through the Dragon Rose, with her many years of experience to her heart-centered work with clients. She has professional certifications and training in Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing®, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Theta Healing, Sacred Feminine Embodiment and Christ Consciousness.

Oliver William Huntley

Oliver’s background in Mystery School Wisdom comes from Essene, Ancient Egypt, and Druid Teachings & Initiations. 

Oliver holds and embodies a deep connection to the land, the mysteries, Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna and the Rose Lineage. Through this devotion he opens the gateways for the feminine to feel held and safe as she pierces the veils of her own truth and sovereignty.

Oliver will be joining us as co-facilitator on the second day of our journey, bringing to our sacred circle the unified balance of Priest and Priestess energy. This combined presence opens up the gateway for fully receiving into our emptied chalices his gifts and offerings, leading us with love into a deeply transformational ceremony in the White Spring.



Anara Durand

An A Ra is a professional therapist who has spent the last 23 years holding sacred space for people to heal their maternal & paternal lineages. She assists her clients to find their unique creative expression and to discover the life they chose to from source to become.

She is a carrier of the primal Mother Womb Song; the sounds of the Mother, the divine Earth mother and the Mother Goddess and imbues the listener with the Celestial Sounds of Crystal Bowl, Solfeggio and channels the mothers song with her voice, the trinity divine mother flame.

An A Ra is a High Priestess of Isis~Magdalene and Ard Drui

Anara will be joining our circle on Sunday afternoon to offer her gifts of the Mother Womb Song to our sacred container. She will be sharing how we can use our healed and awakened life force to weave creative expression in the world with safety and integrity.

This Workshop Is A Full Body Yes,

If You Are Ready To

  • Find your Voice and Speak your Truth

  • Activate and Initiate Your Priestess Gifts and Path

  • Fully access your Spiritual Power and Presence

  • Empower your Magnetic Priestess Abundance

  • Celebrate the Alchemic Union of Sexuality, Spirituality and Intimacy, Within and Without

  • Activate your Birthright of Vitality and Energy

  • Tap into your Blissful, Limitless Co-Creative Divine Power

  • Be of Service to Humanity through the Embodiment of your Sovereign Sexual and Spiritual Presence

  • Access, Embody and Channel the Higher Vibrations of Light and Shakti you are Awakening to, with Safety, Integrity and Love

  • Weave Magic to offer Blessings of Love and Unified Energy to Gaia, through Sacred Rites and Ceremony


Profound Praise From Past Participants…

Thank you beautiful woman for this most incredible experience! I feel so honoured and blessed to have been a part of it. You held the space with such beautiful, gentle, loving presence and with such respect for each and every one of our Sisters circle. Making it such a safe space for us to go into these personal and intimate wounds we as women hold individually and on a collective level. I feel such immense joy, power and presence within myself for the incredibly intense and powerful processes I have been through this weekend. I can’t wait to bring this out into my own work with women and womb healing. I can’t wait to experience all of the beautiful channels you have helped me to open up within me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

The Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening Workshop was everything. It penetrated the depths of who I thought I was and awakened the sleeping gifts of my shadow and allowed me to step ever deeper into the fullness of my potential and my wholeness. It was such a pleasure (literally!) to sit in sacred space with such incredible women, to dive deep... to be held in such sweet reverence and appreciation by Em. I wish this experience for every single woman on the planet. That she may be witnessed in the beauty of her radiance and power as she plunges deep into the parts of herself she has been too afraid to uncover. Emerging as the Divine Goddess that she truly is. To have oneself, in our darkness and in our light, be reflected back to us in such sweet intensity is a gift if the most noble grace. To be held and loved in that experience is a taste of Heaven. Thank you so much
— Dawn, Birmingham, UK

Thank you so deeply my beautiful Em for what has been a most beautiful and magical sacred circle of Sisters, divinely connected and returning to this work together! I have released a lot of emotion this weekend and feel much much more at peace in the moment than I have for a long time. My heart and my soul feel nourished and honoured. Endless blessings.
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Workshop Details



We will be taking our journey together on the sacred Isle of Avalon. This land is a potent temple space that is steeped in the magic of sacred union between Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. The unique vibration of the land alone has the capacity to initiate activations that can further support and anchor the experiences we create together.

Our venue is the The Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. This blessed structure is perfect for holding and ensuring the creation and maintenance of a safe and sacred container.


12th -13th October 2019


The workshop will take place between

10am - 6pm on Saturday

10am - 6pm on Sunday

You will have your evenings free to yourselves.

A list of suggested accommodation will be provided in your welcome email.

If you are new to Glastonbury you will have the opportunity outside of our time together to explore and experience the magic of Ancient Avalon…

Chalice Well Gardens, White Spring, St Margret’s Chapel, The Tor , Glastonbury Abbey

Her eyes connect with mine, actually gazing past mine into my soul., perhaps even into the soul of the Universe.

Her face, far from expressionless, conveys she is transcendent even while her sensual, sexual essence flows freely as a river within her. Though I see only her head, throat, and shoulders, I know she is grounded in her pelvis and thighs, her feet planted firmly on the Earth; I sense she walks in grace and beauty.

Her headdress suggests she is devoted to her sacred path; the halo indicates she is energetically evolved beyond ordinary human capabilities.

Her palm and fingers of one hand held up facing me in symbolic gesture say “Be at peace” And the egg encompassed by her fingers - she does not hold it she reveals it, for she is the messenger. The egg is enlightened birth and life, knowledge and wisdom.

They are available to me, to all who wish to receive, but I must choose to extend my open hand and open heart to receive the gift.

In my more contemplative moments I know that she is more than a she - I know that she is me, her appearance being of a form that my mind might interpret, might . begin to find recognisable meaning as I in deep desire seek to once again be in at-one-ment with Source.
— Kenneth Ray Stubbs
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Yes! If you register by September 28, 2019, you can step through these sacred gateways for only £222. You do not need to pay in full all at once. You can learn more about the payment schedule here.


Once you’ve made your £111 deposit, the payment schedule is as follows: • a 2nd payment of £111 is due by October 01, 2019


Who Is A Sovereign Sexual Healer?

A Sovereign Sexual Healer is a women on a journey of liberation into her own sexuality and the sexuality of humanity.

She holds within her very unique and sacred codes.

The Dragon Rose has spoken, the message is clear… Humanity is birthing a new Sovereign Sexual Healer among her people. If you have landed on this page you can be sure that your soul is guiding you to take the next step into the role of sexual healer on our sacred Gaia.

Healing own own sexuality allows us to heal the sexuality of humanity. By stepping into and reclaiming your Sovereign Temple you begin to activate and awaken all those around you. Simply through the embodiment of this healthy expression we create shift in the collective sexual wounding of our planet. Within any face and any role; personal or professional, you are the new Sovereign Sexual Healer of our earth.

With commitment and devotion you open to resonating and vibrating a frequency, an embodiment and a wisdom that will carry forward this new Golden Age of Sacred Sexual Energy. An energy that is so desperately needed in our current society and times.

You are a Dragon Rose Priestess

Who Is The Dragon Rose Priestess

A Dragon Rose Priestess is a women who is Sovereign unto herself.

  • She is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She walks in grace and beauty, devoted to her sacred path.

  • She is "transcendent, even while her sensual, sexual essence flows freely as a river within her."

  • She has embraced and embodied both the dark and the light aspects of her sacred feminine essence. Deeply grounded in her pelvis and thighs. Her bare feet rooted deep into the Earth.

  • She knows that her lower chakras are interdependent gateways to accessing and awakening her to her destiny.

  • She honours, supports and works with her lower chakras and does not flee from their roots to the earth and the depths.

  • She devotes herself service to bring healing and transformation to her own life, and in doing so she offers the miracles of this mirror to all that she comes into contact with.

  • She hides nothing and is in full acceptance of who she is.

  • She is discerning of her time and energy and is able to bend the perceived constructs of space and time.

  • She is a messenger, a way-shower, an embodied force, holding the Universe within her expanding womb of love.

  • She carries with her a gift; sacred codes and wisdom that she offers with an open heart to all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. For those that don’t she blesses their journey with love.

  • She acts from a place of illumination and acceptance of her gifts and powers of manifestation and abundance.

  • She acts with the highest integrity, honour and love no matter what role she serves in humanity.

  • She recognises that her sexuality and the sexuality of men and women are Sovereign and Divine and are the foundation for the healing, balance and harmony of our Sacred Mother Gaia.

  • She recognises the sacred alchemic union of the beloved within and without and the abilities she has to co-crate limitlessly with the Divine when she accesses the primordial life force energy that exists within..

  • She can sense the pure and potent gift of honouring within herself the joy, the pleasure, the eros and the erotocism. Knowing they are the foundations to guide her journey back the truth of her sacred heart.


It is my deep honour and calling to bring the mysteries of the Dragon Rose to the Light. I am devoted in service to the Divine and our Sacred Mother Earth; to their prayer of healing and awakening humanity, through accessing and embodying our Sovereign Sacred Sexuality and Power.

Within each of us, we hold a unique code to bring healing to the earth, one that was seeded as consciousness on Gaia from the womb of creation. These codes are being activated as more of her beloved children are hearing the call and returning home to the truth of their Sovereign light and Divinity. The vibrations and songs are literally being sung in harmony along the gridlines and ley lines of the Earth, and offer us the blessing of remembrance. Reawakening our gifts as sacred keepers of this wisdom and protecters of Gaia.

I have been guided to open the gateways to the Dragon Rose code; an embodiment of a devoted awareness to the earth and our bodies. Acting as chalice for the free flow of the vibration of Divine love though us. A bridge for heaven and earth. A carrier of a new unified balance of the highest vibration of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies through our beings.

The invitation is one of trust and surrender into our own healing and awakening journeys. As we unlock the gates to our Temple we open the doors to becoming this vessel. A sacred container of this love. We become the chalice that openly moves the light and shakti of the Sacred Feminine through us, so that no matter what our profession or calling, we are able to with love, honour and integrity offer these blessings to every soul we connect with.

"As women are guided to embody and connect with the sensuous nature of their priestess they are able to carry this vital aspect of themselves into the world. Men can once more become open to the dynamic and sacred aspect of the feminine and thereby facilitate necessary modifications in political, social, economic and religious structures. In this way, humankind, can restore to consciousness the creative and loving force of the feminine nature that which so long ago was embodied as the sacred prostitute." - The Sacred Prostitute

With a clear and balanced container, love and intention we are able to dance in the juice and the fire of sacred inner union. As we integrate both aspects of the Divine within ourselves there is no identification of masculine and feminine vibrations, simply a Divine purity, the highest unity vibration of the Divine that can be expressed. Whether we are in partnership or activating this alchemy through sacred union within we become light workers of potent magic.

This unified balance of masculine and feminine energy offered to Gaia anchors a vibration of harmony into the earth’s energetic template to bring balance to the masculine and feminine vibrations of humanity. This role is of the highest calling on our Earth in these times. This vibration is one that will restore homeostasis on our sacred Gaia.

Your willingness to accept this truth with will enable you to become ever more present, at the same time as conducting much healing within you. The creation of this supreme unconditional love fuels your beings, filtering into Mother Earth.


Emma began to hear the call from Lady Avalon a few years ago, when her path and devotion as a Priestess deepened. Emma found an indescribable sense of peace and balance on the land. One that shes has not experienced anywhere else. A resonance and remembrance within her heart and soul. Each time she visited, she walked the gateways of the land. Receiving the initiations and activations of the priest and priestesses that have traveled and been ordained in the mystery schools of Avalon before her. She now visits weekly and offers Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® – The AH Practice® from the Goddess House, Magdalene Street.

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 Saying Yes To The Call Of The Dragon Rose




Includes organic, vegetarian lunch each day and all guided outings, ceremonies, and initiations that are part of the retreat as well as entrance fees to the Chalice Well Gardens and White Spring.


  • Two full days of immersive sacred sexual healing guidance, practices, and discussion, ceremony, initiations, sound activations and time on the land

  • Exclusivity and the individual attention made possible by limiting attendance to only 12 Sisters

  • Nutritious lunch on both days

  • Tea and snacks available throughout both workshop days


  • In the event that your plans change and you need to cancel your registration, please notify us as promptly as possible.

  • Cancellations before 20th September 2019 forfeit your deposit. Cancellations after this date come with no refund for completely missed or partial participation.


I understand that even when the inner call to retreat is clear, deciding to actually register can still be a really significant undertaking. If you are interested but have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. I will be thrilled to hear from you. 

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Reserve Your Spot Now



If you would prefer to use PayPal for the payment plan please email me and I will be able to offer this to you. PayPal is available for those paying in full using the button above.

 It is my honour and my pleasure to offer this work in the world and I am really looking forward to meeting you in October. Thank you for answering the call and saying yes!

With love and blessings,

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