As men and women of this Earth we all have needs and desires that unify us in our human experience. Love, community, creativity and living our purpose are traits of humanity that we are all consciously or unconsciously longing for. As we seek love, intimacy and Sexual Union we tend to look for something outside of ourselves.

Sacred Sexuality teaches us that in order to truly surrender into love with another, we need to connect with ourselves in a harmonious Sacred Marriage of our own inner masculine and feminine polarities. Only then can we be open, undefended and free to merge with another in true reverence, engaging in open heart to heart, soul to soul relationship.

This workshop is dedicated to guiding women in their willingness to experience these deeper spaces of inner and outer Sacred Union and embodiment of purpose and love.

By choosing this path of Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening you are choosing to free your being from the trauma, wounding and social conditioning that has controlled your existence until now. You are opening the doors to a new way of operating from a higher vibrational frequency; from Divine Love in every present moment.

This is deep work, for those that are open and willing to immerse themselves in a path of transformation, having courage and faith in concepts that you may have been led to believe are wrong, shameful or even sinful. Your trust and commitment will open up the bridge and begin the journey into allowing your awareness to remember the truth of who you are.


Workshop Details

During the weekend, we will lay a foundation of conscious communication, empowered boundaries and authentic consent with yourself and others. Our circle will open up the doors to the sacred sexual women’s mysteries where you will be guided step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity. During our time together you will step into three sovereign roles.

  • Facilitator

  • Receiver

  • Sacred Witness

Each role holds a deep and potent gift of awakening and healing for our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and etheric bodies.


  • Practice consent and boundaries with self and other

  • Experience safe, sacred space in sisterhood

  • Feel your grounding and feminine presence

  • Create connection and build trust

  • Expand and align your subtle energy body

  • Release trapped energetic blocks and emotions with breath and sound

  • Learn the magic of the soft gaze

  • Learn to hold space for trauma release

  • Learn to hold space for sovereign sexual energy

  • Gain tools and practices to open to, and awaken the harmonious balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within

  • Meet your inner Beloved through dance and active mediations.


Location and optional Accommodation

Our sacred gathering will take place in at a beautiful retreat centre near Auckland.


Secure Your Spot

We will be taking bookings and payment from the 10th December 2018. If you would like to secure your place in the meantime. Please register your interest by filling in the form below.

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Teas, snacks and Lunch will be provided on both days.

If you are staying in the accommodation please bring your own breakfast and dinner.

Seating, mats and blankets will be available to use.


Full refund if cancelation is made within the first 48hrs after time of purchase.

50% refund if cancelation is made within 14days of the event.

No refund is offered after this time.

No refund will be given for partial attendance.

Your Facilitator

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Emma Beth went through a number of life-changing experiences in a tremendously short space of time that plunged her into the darkness and forced her to completely let go of control and what she thought she knew as reality.

Without any idea of the path she was about to embark on, and with only a faint whisper of an intuitive voice as her guide, she surrendered everything and began a holistic journey to discover her true essence and spirit. During the process, she successfully healed her cervical cancer, arthritis and psoriasis naturally, reclaimed and reconnected with her wild, dark and messy cyclical nature and awakened to her Divine feminine power.

She now guides and facilitates men and women to coming home to their same authentic truth, having gained her training and experience in Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Plant Medicines, Theta Healing, Sacred Feminine Embodiment, Emotional Mindfulness and Mind/Heart/Body Connection.