Sacred Intimacy Couples Workshop

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A Two Day Immersive Experience Into Couples Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening and Sacred Intimacy



Your Invitation

Dear Ones, 

I am honoured to share with you this very special workshop that has been lovingly crafted to serve couples where partners identify with the energetics of masculine and feminine polarities. To truly surrender into love with another, we must first connect with ourselves in a harmonious Sacred Marriage of our own inner masculine and feminine aspects. In this event, we’ll explore practices that dissolve barriers to love and permit us to deepen sacred sexual union within ourselves, with our beloveds, and with the Divine. It is my highest calling to guide you along this path into the bliss of sacred conscious relationship, sexual intimacy, and full embodiment of deep love. So with all my heart, I invite those longing to be held, healed, awakened, opened, and surrendered, to step into this powerful sacred container with me. 

With gratitude,


To read more about why I am called to do this work and what it may mean if you are called to join me.



 What To Expect In This Workshop

During the weekend, we will lay a foundation of conscious communication, empowered boundaries and authentic consent with yourself and others. Our circle will open up the doors to the sacred sexual mysteries where you will be guided step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity.

  • Creation of Sacred Space ~ Conscious communication, empowered boundaries, and authentic consent are among the tools we’ll use to hold space with the highest integrity. Participants will also learn to create a sacred container at home to support both partners coming together safely in Sacred Union.

  • Cultivation of Personal Practice ~ We will dedicate ourselves to a daily personal practice of self love that builds intimacy within. Participants will gain tips and practices for taking this daily practice home and weaving it into their day-to-day routines to maintain clarity in the energy that they bring to their relationships.

  • Presence Practice ~ Partners are guided to step into the role of Priest and Priestess for one another via the practice of offering loving presence to one another.

  • Sexual Healing & Awakening AH Practice ~ Breath and sound are lovingly applied to release blocks at every level: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and etheric healing.

    Click here to learn more about the AH Method.

  • Conscious Touch ~ We’ll learn the trust-building gift of intentional touch.

  • Sacred Ritual ~ Specific ceremony with the Divine will call in archetypal energies to support you on your journey.

  • Spiritual Intimacy ~ We will explore how to hold space for ourselves and our partners to experience sovereign sexual energy.



Your Facilitator

Emma Beth

Emma Beth is a devoted Gaia Priestess, Spiritual Sexual Educator, and Voice of the Divine. It is her honour to be of assistance in guiding others through the multilayered, multidimensional process of evolution, immanence, and transcendence.

Emma brings many years of experience to her heart-centered work with clients. She has professional certifications and training in Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance, Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Plant Medicines, Theta Healing, Sacred Feminine Christ Consciousness, and Embodiment Practices.

 What Is Possible From This Workshop

As we begin to activate, awaken and embody this Union within we unlock the doors to experience:

  • An unwavering passion and reverence for life

  • The emergence of more heart- and soul-connected sexual and spiritual intimacy

  • Opening to deeper love and intimate relationship with yourself and with your beloved

  • Discovery or deepening of soul purpose and gifts

  • Healing of sexual trauma and wounding (known or felt) from personal, collective, cultural, past life, or ancestral origins

  • Awakening of vital sexual life force energy

  • Internal peace and external grace

  • Flow derived from the balanced wholeness of sovereign co-creation

  • Divine communion and alignment with Sacred Mother Earth

  • Opportunities to support the embodiment of this love in others or in the whole of humanity


Men And Women Who Have Worked With Me Say…

You can rest assured that Emma Beth will hold for you a sacred space with unfaltering reverence and love, to enter incredible new depths of Self. During my experience with her I felt fully seen, fully heard, fully held and fully respected in my totality. I felt completely safe and free to experience whatever needed to arise - and a great deal did! Over the past decade I’ve experienced and also facilitated many profound healing experiences, but none have reached the depths in the way Emma’s work does. Rarely am I surprised these days at what arises to the surface asking for healing and awakening within myself, but when I experienced what arose and was cleared during my time with Emma, I was dumbstruck. And already this healing has had a profound impact on the intimacy in my relationship, opening me to my partner in a way I never dreamed possible. My intent for healing was first and foremost for myself, so to see how in one session this directly impacts the intimacy with my beloved is astounding - and yet makes perfect sense! Emma is a highly gifted and powerful healer, and I am in no doubt whatsoever that what she facilitated for me was a truly life-altering experience.m
Thank you so much for allowing me to come and experience your healing. I felt such a strong connection with you from the very start. I have been carrying so much confusion, grief and fear and didn’t realise until more recently how much it was actually affecting me. It was so cathartic in many ways to share my story completely honestly with you and for you to validate and understand it with the grace that you did. The body work had a very strong effect on me and not what I had expected at all. By the end of the session though I had an overwhelming feeling of groundedness and stillness that I have not had before. This continued all the way home in the car and that evening. I felt very calm, at one with myself and content - it was very unusual and powerful. You have an amazing talent for what you do and I felt completely comfortable and lovingly supported with your words and deeds. The way you honoured me and my experience was very beautiful and wholesome and has had a great effect on me.
— Tom, Ireland
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Workshop Details

Goddess House Glastonbury Workshop


We will be taking our journey together on the sacred Isle of Avalon. This land is a potent temple space that is steeped in the magic of sacred union between divine masculine and feminine energies. The unique vibration of the land alone has the capacity to initiate activations that can further support and anchor the experiences we create together.

Our venue is the The Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. This blessed structure is perfect for holding and ensuring the creation and maintenance of a safe and sacred container.




The workshop will take place between

10am - 6pm on Saturday

10am - 5pm on Sunday

You will have your evenings free to yourselves.

A list of suggested accommodation will be provided in your welcome email.

If you are new to Glastonbury you will have the opportunity outside of our time together to explore and experience the magic of Ancient Avalon…

Chalice Well Gardens, White Spring, St Margret’s Chapel, The Tor , Glastonbury Abbey

When we are willing to focus our attention on our sexual and spiritual development, both individually and in partnership, we release our attachments to suffering and to the illusion of duality, so that we can embrace oneness consciousness and experience truly integrated unity.
— Emma Beth

 Stepping into Sacred Circle

£666 per couple 


  • Two full days of immersive sacred sexual healing guidance, practices, and discussion

  • Exclusivity and the individual attention made possible by limiting attendance to 6 couples

  • Nutritious lunch on both days

  • Tea and snacks available throughout both workshop days

Booking Details

  • Your place in sacred circle is secured with your £100 deposit.

  • Note that deposits are non-refundable. If your balance is not paid in full by… you forfeit your deposit and your place in circle.

  • In the event that your plans change and you need to cancel your registration, please notify us as promptly as possible.

  • Cancellations before … forfeit your deposit. Cancellations after this date come with no refund for completely missed or partial participation.


I understand that even when the inner call to retreat is clear, deciding to actually register can still be a really significant undertaking. If you are interested but have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. I will be thrilled to hear from you. 

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Reserve Your Spot Now


If you would prefer to use PayPal for the payment plan please email me and I will be able to offer this to you. PayPal is available for couples paying in full using the button above.


I have had a number of requests from uncoupled participants. I feel called to open the doors to those that are willing to be partnered with a fellow participant over the weekend. Please email me with your interest and if I am able to bring together the right balance of masculine and feminine I will offer you a space.

£333 per person

(earlybird pricing and payment plans available)

 It is my honour and my pleasure to offer this work in the world and I am really looking forward to meeting you in September. Thank you for answering the call and saying yes!

With love and blessings,

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Why I Am Called To Do This Work

As men and women of this Earth, we all have needs and desires that unify us in our human experience. Love, community, creativity and living our purpose connected to the source of our creation are traits of humanity for which we are all consciously or unconsciously longing. 

When we first embark on our quest to seek love, intimacy, and Sexual Union, we tend to start out looking for something outside of ourselves. But Sacred Sexuality teaches us that before we can experience true union with another, we need to connect with ourselves in a harmonious Sacred Marriage of our own inner masculine and feminine. This ecstatic union of individual wholeness brings forth the highest expressions of our true essence into our lives, into our partnerships, and into the intimacy we build with others. As whole, integrated beings, we can be open, undefended, and free to merge with another in true reverence, engaging in open, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul relationship.

I am personally devoted in service to Divine Love, pioneering the way for men and women that are at a place in their hearts of desiring to do this sacred work together. Stepping into this sacred container, we can begin to open to relating in a new way, becoming not only the source of each others’ sexual and spiritual awakening and bliss, but also holding space for one another to shed the layers and masks, healing the wounds and the traumas that holds us - the divine masculine and sacred feminine - from the deepest, most unified expressions of who we truly are. In this work, we open the doors to healing and awakening ourselves and so powerfully become a bridge that supports the healing of the dualistic divide of humanity.

At this pivotal moment on Earth, many of us are being invited to stay open, stay present, and stay in the vibration of love. We are invited to give from our fullness and radiance without always having a need for reciprocation. We are invited to create and to hold space for honoring one others’ journeys. This invitation is a calling of the deepest kind; a calling that will end the suffering and the separation on our planet. Instead of shutting down, feeling wounded or experiencing rejection, we can gradually begin to open ourselves up, to expand further into our sacred hearts. Together, we can find a way, through love, to guide each other home.

In choosing this path, you are choosing to free your being from the trauma, wounding, and social conditioning that has controlled your existence until now. Thank you for opening the doors to a new way of operating from a higher vibrational frequency; from Divine Love in every present moment.

This is deep work, for those that are open and willing to immerse themselves in a path of sacred conscious relationship and sexual intimacy.