Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening workshops are dedicated to guiding women in their willingness to release sexual wounding and trauma, awaken sexual energy and experience deeper spaces of inner and outer Sacred Union and embodied love.


Drawing on her ancient knowledge of Sacred Temple Arts, Earth Wisdom, Shamanic Practices and Movement and Sound, Emma Beth has lovingly co-created these unique events as an offering to guide and support men and women on their journey to releasing deep wounding, trauma and blockages that hold them back from experiencing oneness and intimate connection with themselves and others.

For many, these workshops will be an opportunity to be witnessed in their innate sovereignty and radiance for the first time. They will experience a rite of passage to open the doors to ever-deepening chambers of unconditional love, honesty, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, strength and courage. For others, this will be a deepening of their healing and awakening path.



  • You are carrying sexual wounding or trauma that stems from personal, cultural or ancestral experiences (known or just felt).

  • You are looking to be guided in using tools and practices that will allow you to release energetic imprints on your etheric body

  • You are ready to awaken and learn to safely harness the power and potency of sexual life-force energy

  • You are looking to bring awareness, healing, and purification internally to any distortions of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine

  • You seek to bring reverence to sexuality as a tool for healing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues, bringing a greater sense of self-love, acceptance, and worth

  • You seek to activate new paths of integrating this sacred power to awaken creativity and bring healing and conscious sexuality to Self and intimate partnerships.



  • A sacred community and circle to witness, hold and open the doors to your sovereign journey.

  • Release of sexual wounding, trauma and imprinting.

  • Tools and practices to open to and awaken the harmonious balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within. Meeting of your inner Beloved through dance and active mediation.

  • Cultivation and embodiment of higher vibrational frequencies of Divine love to activate ongoing healing and awakening of Self and other.

  • Ancient wisdom and teachings to access your inner powers of sexual healing and awakening

  • Experiencing of your ability to step into the role of Sacred Priest/Priestess.


Upcoming Workshops


Bring Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening to you:

If you can’t see a workshop listed in your area, but you would be interested in bringing Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening to your town or country please get in touch. Let’s come together and create some healing & awakening magic.  


The Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening Workshop was everything. It penetrated the depths of who I thought I was and awakened the sleeping gifts of my shadow and allowed me to step ever deeper into the fullness of my potential and my wholeness. It was such a pleasure (literally!) to sit in sacred space with such incredible women, to dice deep... to be held in such sweet reverence and appreciation by Em. I wish this experience for every single woman on the planet. That she may be witnessed in the beauty of her radiance and power as she plunges deep into the parts of herself she has been to afraid to uncover. Emerging as the Divine Goddess that she truly is. To have oneself, in our darkness and in our light, be reflected back to us in such sweet intensity is a gift if the most noble grace. To be held and loved in that experience is a taste of Heaven. Thank you so much