Clothed AH Practice

Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience. I can feel a magical shift in myself already. You were so in tune with what my body needed.
— Charlotte, Bristol

I was very drawn to sacred sexual healing and awakening. With my own sexual trauma as a child I have always used sex as an object. I have always found it easier to just disconnect from it. As I have started early menopause this disconnecting was increasing. My bodies natural response to sex and sexuality has been fight or flight mode, and I have always been acting from my head. This work has opened so many doors for me. I am finding my voice a voice that I still sometime surprise myself with. I’m taking more charge of my sexual feelings and I’m acknowledging myself.
— Bern, Milton Keynes

I’ve feeling drawn to sexual healing for a while now, but had a huge amount of fear around this and despite looking up several practitioners, I couldn’t anyone that seemed appropriate. Emma was incredibly understanding and respectful of my fears prior to and during my first session. I’ve now had two sessions with Emma, both were very different in terms of the emotions I experienced, however I felt very safe and supported at all times and will definitely be back for more sessions as I continue my healing journey.
— Sophie, Stroud

Internal AH Practice

If every woman could experience being seen with the reverence and respect this healing offers, our world would be forever altered. For quite some time before this healing, I struggled with intercourse. Other intimacy was really incredible, but thinking about or engaging in it was really difficult. If we did have intercourse, I would feel physical pain and burning both during and after. I had great hope that this work could change that experience for me. In the beginning Moments while setting intentions I heard the words “all of you is welcome here” I felt myself completely surrender to this experience I felt all of my criticism and self judgment of operate as the constant eye gaze reflected back to me the self-love I’ve always craved. Em has the ability to convey to the woman sitting opposite her, the love the Divine has for that specific woman. She sees in such a beautiful way, even to the point of actually seeing the essence or soul inside. I was so grateful and amazed when I discovered that we can again connect in beautiful painless intercourse.
This experience has become one of the most significant moments of my life.
— Rachelle, Arizona, USA

I would like to share my recent experience with Emma Beth.
We had a truly amazing session - I felt relaxed and at ease. Emma you were superb and I felt in awe of your professionalism to our session. Look forward to the next one
— Siobhan, Bristol

The experience I had is hard to put into words. Before seeing Emma Beth I felt lost and deeply disconnected. I have a new found sense of trust and inner awareness of myself, which I am excited to keep expanding on. Her depth of Divine love and presence was both moving and heartfelt.
— Simon, Bristol