The Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening Workshop was everything. It penetrated the depths of who I thought I was and awakened the sleeping gifts of my shadow and allowed me to step ever deeper into the fullness of my potential and my wholeness. It was such a pleasure (literally!) to sit in sacred space with such incredible women, to dice deep... to be held in such sweet reverence and appreciation by Em. I wish this experience for every single woman on the planet. That she may be witnessed in the beauty of her radiance and power as she plunges deep into the parts of herself she has been to afraid to uncover. Emerging as the Divine Goddess that she truly is. To have oneself, in our darkness and in our light, be reflected back to us in such sweet intensity is a gift if the most noble grace. To be held and loved in that experience is a taste of Heaven. Thank you so much

Thank you beautiful woman for this most incredible experience! I feel so honoured and blessed to have been a part of it. You held the space with such beautiful, gentle, loving presence and with such respect for each and every one of our Sisters circle. Making it such a safe space for us to go into these personal and intimate wounds we as women hold individually and on a collective level. I feel such immense joy, power and presence within myself for the incredibly intense and powerful processes I have been through this weekend. I can’t wait to bring this out into my own work with women and womb healing. I can’t wait to experience all of the beautiful channels you have helped me to open up within me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you so deeply my beautiful Em for what has been a most beautiful and magical sacred circle of Sisters, divinely connected and returning to this work together! I have released a lot of emotion this weekend and feel much much more at peace in the moment than I have for a long time. My heart and my soul feel nourished and honoured. Endless blessings.
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Private Skype Sessions  

With online Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening sessions with Emma, you can rest assured that Emma will hold for you a sacred space with unfaltering reverence and love, to enter incredible new depths of Self. During my experience with her I felt fully seen, fully heard, fully held and fully respected in my totality. I felt completely safe and free to experience whatever needed to arise - and a great deal did! Over the past decade I’ve experienced and also facilitated many profound healing experiences, but none have reached the depths in the way Emma’s work does. Rarely am I surprised these days at what arises to the surface asking for healing within myself, but when I experienced what arose and was cleared during my session with Emma, I was dumbstruck. And already this healing has had a profound impact on the intimacy in my relationship, opening me to my partner in a way I never dreamed possible. My intent for healing was first and foremost for myself, so to see how in one session this directly impacts the intimacy with my beloved is astounding - and yet makes perfect sense! Emma is a highly gifted and powerful healer, and I am in no doubt whatsoever that what she facilitated for me was a truly life-altering experience. In deepest gratitude dear Sister. xx

Working with Emma Beth was both easeful and powerful. Her ability to see, accept and hold space for the tender aspects of my interaction, staying present to what I needed in the moment shaped the session differently to what I thought I needed while paying attention to what my body needed. The session enabled a cycle of healing that took a few weeks to complete and integrate, which Emma supported me through. As I write this three weeks since I had the distance session I am able to make mental sense of what transpired energetically. Thank you Emma Beth, for your deep ability to stay present and create a space space for what is.
— Nomita, India
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 Clothed AH Practice

Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience. I can feel a magical shift in myself already. You were so in tune with what my body needed.

I was very drawn to sacred sexual healing and awakening. With my own sexual trauma as a child I have always used sex as an object. I have always found it easier to just disconnect from it. As I have started early menopause this disconnecting was increasing. My bodies natural response to sex and sexuality has been fight or flight mode, and I have always been acting from my head. This work has opened so many doors for me. I am finding my voice a voice that I still sometime surprise myself with. I’m taking more charge of my sexual feelings and I’m acknowledging myself.

I’ve feeling drawn to sexual healing for a while now, but had a huge amount of fear around this and despite looking up several practitioners, I couldn’t anyone that seemed appropriate. Emma was incredibly understanding and respectful of my fears prior to and during my first session. I’ve now had two sessions with Emma, both were very different in terms of the emotions I experienced, however I felt very safe and supported at all times and will definitely be back for more sessions as I continue my healing journey
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 Internal AH Practice

Thank you so much for allowing me to come and experience your healing. I felt such a strong connection with you from the very start. I have been carrying so much confusion, grief and fear and didn’t realise until more recently how much it was actually affecting me. It was so cathartic in many ways to share my story completely honestly with you and for you to validate and understand it with the grace that you did. The body work had a very strong effect on me and not what I had expected at all. By the end of the session though I had an overwhelming feeling of groundedness and stillness that I have not had before. This continued all the way home in the car and that evening. I felt very calm, at one with myself and content - it was very unusual and powerful. You have an amazing talent for what you do and I felt completely comfortable and lovingly supported with your words and deeds. The way you honoured me and my experience was very beautiful and wholesome and has had a great effect on me.
— Tom, Ireland

Emma is the most beautiful, caring and divinely guided soul I have ever had the honour of being supported by. She created a safe and sacred container for me to open and allow stagnant energy to be let go of. Emma’s empathy and ability to see and witness me deeply and completely was one of the most powerful and transformative experiences of my life. She was so tuned into me and gave me the gift of pure presence and witness which was deeply healing. I let go of so much in this session and it opened up space within me to feel pure bliss which was an incredible and life changing experience. It gave me deeper insight into the areas energetically that I carry stuckness and a renewed commitment to tending to this regularly. Using words to sum up how powerful and healing this session was for me feels difficult as what shifted in me is beyond words. I am forever grateful that I was able to experience this.
— Caroline, Uttoxeter

If every woman could experience being seen with the reverence and respect this healing offers, our world would be forever altered. For quite some time before this healing, I struggled with intercourse. Other intimacy was really incredible, but thinking about or engaging in it was really difficult. If we did have intercourse, I would feel physical pain and burning both during and after. I had great hope that this work could change that experience for me. In the beginning Moments while setting intentions I heard the words “all of you is welcome here” I felt myself completely surrender to this experience I felt all of my criticism and self judgment of operate as the constant eye gaze reflected back to me the self-love I’ve always craved. Em has the ability to convey to the woman sitting opposite her, the love the Divine has for that specific woman. She sees in such a beautiful way, even to the point of actually seeing the essence or soul inside. I was so grateful and amazed when I discovered that we can again connect in beautiful painless intercourse.
This experience has become one of the most significant moments of my life.

I would like to share my recent experience with Emma Beth.
We had a truly amazing session - I felt relaxed and at ease. Emma you were superb and I felt in awe of your professionalism to our session. Look forward to the next one.

The experience I had is hard to put into words. Before seeing Emma Beth I felt lost and deeply disconnected. I have a new found sense of trust and inner awareness of myself, which I am excited to keep expanding on. Her depth of Divine love and presence was both moving and heartfelt.

When Emma first spoke with me about her work and the deep healing that she herself had experienced through the realisation of her calling I had expressed an interest in deepening my own journey.

To me, she embodies the strength and flow that inspire, her courage and openness illuminate, I trust this woman to be able to carry and support, so I approached the treatment with eagerness and receptivity.

I was asked to reflect on an intention beforehand. I am in a new cycle. I turned 43 in May. After seven years of being focused solely on growing my son (who turned 7 in September) I had not shared intimacy with a man. In July I completed five years of study and a week later I met my twin soul in a charity shop!

My body had started to awaken and the deepest folds and crevices of my being began to purge, as I started to let go of all congestion and resistance. I had treated myself with essential oils and self love, a visit to the GUM clinic assured us that nothing more sinister was at play.

My love sings my body awake; his poetic soul resonates with sweet music and healing tones. Attuned by his energy I am becoming the woman that I always wanted to be. He plays my body like the most exquisite instrument and I wanted to be open to receive and give pure pleasure.

To really let go of the things holding me back from being truly in the moment.

To open the ceremony, Emma, the Sacred Witness and I stood and witnessed each other, we shared our intentions and ideas in preparation and my feeling was one of acceptance and trust at what may be, knowing that I was safe and seen.

I was seated opposite Emma with my legs over hers, the Sacred Witness was seated behind me, supporting.
Emma said to try and maintain a gentle eye contact; this was to help us remain present and connected. Any sounds that emerged were welcomed, what we were aiming for was an ‘Ah’ tone on exhalation. I felt safe as I wasn’t holding back and was confident in the process.

Each Chakra was given attention and I relaxed into the moment, as we breathed in and out and I was held by the presence and support of the women in the room and I allowed sound to flow freely from my flesh vessel.

Emma asked permission to open my robe and witness my body. This was done with the most loving gaze that exuded care, respect and tenderness. Being told I was divine broke me, floods of tears and ugly crying poured out and it felt good. This was part of the balance being restored; I had been witnessed by a beautiful man and now by a strong woman.

Every time my eyes closed I could see Emma’s silhouette surrounded by the most brilliant white/green light that radiated out around, filling the space, I could feel the support and encouragement of all the women who have walked before, encouraging me to trust, to let go.

As the session progressed I was able to maintain the gaze for longer and my mind filled with the pure tones of ‘Ah’, it was refreshing to quiet the internal dialogue that had a habit of filling me with questions and doubts. I was in a pure state of allowing.

Permission was asked once more and as my sacred spot was held the tears flooded through me, this time I cried until I laughed. I felt better. Each time I closed my eyes a radiant light emanated from the space Emma inhabited. I could see her body shudder as she allowed the healing to pass through her. It was truly beautiful to witness.

After that, she held me there as we released the energy, and as my body let go she asked if she could remove her finger. She placed her cupped hands on my root chakra, and held me there; her hands were placed on my heart and womb. To close the ceremony, I was invited to place my hands on my heart, then womb. Then we embraced.

Something shifted in me during that treatment and I remember sharing that every woman needs to experience this, to travel through all the pain and let it go. What I had needed was a guide and witness; it felt like I had travelled far. This is just the start of the journey back to me, in all my glory.
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