The Magical Alchemy of Sacred Union


In an earlier time, Priest Kings would hold court for their Priestess Queens, in reverence to their pure feminine expression of life force and love. Masculine partners would rest in meditative stillness and presence, waiting to receive the heart-awakening gifts of their Queens. This alchemy of divine sexual union would awaken life force, or Shakti, inside of both beings. Facing one another in prayer, they would meet heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, the union of the Beloved.

The journey to Sacred Marriage is a journey within as well as in relationship with a chosen partner. The inner Beloved Sacred Union is vital to our ability to experience full surrender with another.

When practiced inwardly or with another, the true alchemy of this pathway invites awakenings and transmissions from subtle realms. When grounded into our physical reality, these higher frequencies open the unifying unconditional love of two polarities. Through the purifying values of honesty, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, strength, courage, and forgiveness, every human is capable of connecting with a Higher Self consciousness that opens the doors to an entirely new way of life.

A Higher Calling


It is a calling for many awakening Divine Masculine and Feminine souls that are walking the planet today. They can sense the power that it holds to not only come into intimate relationship with an open heart, allowing them their own personal healing and awakening, but also the gift that it holds to aid in the ascension process of humanity and the healing of the Earth. As we come into union with a willingness to meet another in these higher realms we bring this vibration of Divine Love and light back down into our present moment and current realities. Opening the doors and activating the collective healing of the divide of the masculine and the feminine.

Your sexuality in its pure and authentic expression, is a powerful force of creation and embodied awareness. As you free yourself from your sexual wounding and trauma you will begin to see its radiance. You will access the truth of your pure divine essence and being. Your power as a sovereign co creator in the world. 

We have been made to believe that our sexuality is shameful or sinful. This separation is what has caused the great duality and suffering within humanity. How can the force of pure life that created you be anything but a miracle. The fears of its power is what caused it to be shut down or persecuted. It is time to embrace its beauty once more. Let us free ourselves from the shame, and reclaim its holiness as a pure and vital life force for your souls expression and expansion. 

Sacred sexuality attunes you to a direct and accelerated path of spiritual awakening. It is time for sexuality to be viewed in its truth, it is essential for sexuality to be reclaimed and honoured as the vehicle of discovering the light of the divine within you and with another.