“Her essence throbs out from under the cover of skin she’s wearing, unable to be contained.  

Her gifts shine through every pore, showing all of her.

She carries with her the scars of many traumas, these scars the beauty marks of her soul. They allow her the understanding, the empathy, the love and the seeing she has for every soul she meets. 

Each day she listens, holding heart and womb, hearing the Divine whisper, always following the voice, no matter how deep the cave or treacherous the waters.

The glowing white she wears reflects her purest self.

The drum she beats echoes her heartbeat.  

This heart burns inside her with a passion that overcomes the impossible that is her life.  

Every day, she wakes to the reality of her world, the energy she’ll need, the work she’ll have to do, the life no one understands.  

Every day, that impossible reality transforms into the miracle that she is.”

Rachelle Gibson

Honouring of Emma Beth, gifted from the Divine


The Journey Home

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My path, my calling from the Divine is to guide you in your willingness to receive your unlimited Divine nature. I walk the path of the Priestess. Drawing on Their magic and powers to activate the sovereign healing and awakening of sexuality in men and woman so they they may experience the joy and the beauty of deep, soul to soul, heart to heart intimate connection. I act as a bridge between the worlds, a facilitator and a space holder, co-creating my life and work so that I can serve through my highest expression.

Getting to this place has been a bumpy and exhilarating journey. After a number of life-changing experiences in a tremendously short space of time plunged me into the darkness, I was forced to completely let go of control and what I thought I knew as reality.

As I began a holistic journey to discover my true essence and spirit I had only a faint whisper of an intuitive voice as my guide. During the process, I healed my cervical cancer, arthritis and psoriasis naturally, reclaimed and reconnected with my wild, dark and messy cyclical nature and awakened to my Divine sexual expression and feminine power.

I am guided to share the truth of the Sacred Sexual Mysteries to activate the path that has been forgotten within men and women so that they can reconnect to their true essence and Sacred Masculine and Feminine within and without. I utilise the many tools that I have been gifted and gained experience in. Holding space to open the doors to explore, unlock and express their fullness, which awakens sacred gifts, passions and purpose and heals wounds, self-limiting beliefs and health problems.

I look forward to getting to know you and seeing you in all your radiance, health and power.

Much love,

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Men and women that I have journeyed with say…

“I didn’t even know that this kind of depth of love, intimacy and physical, emotional and spiritual connection was possible”


It is! It is magnificent! It not only offers the deepest sense of love, joy, purpose and ecstatic bliss, it holds much deeper gifts of opening to Divine Love and spiritual awakenings.

It is a calling for many awakening Divine Masculine and Feminine souls that are walking the planet today. They can sense the power that it holds to not only come into intimate relationship with an open heart, allowing us our own personal healing and awakening, but also the gift that it holds to aid in the ascension process of humanity and the healing of the Earth. As we come into union with a willingness to meet another in these higher realms we bring this vibration of Divine Love and light back down into our present moment and current realities. Opening the doors and activating the collective healing of the divide of the masculine and the feminine.

Your sexuality in it’s pure and authentic expression, is a powerful force of creation and embodied awareness. As you free yourself from your sexual wounding and trauma you will begin to see it’s radiance. You will access the truth of your pure divine essence and being. Your power as a sovereign co creator in the world. 

We have been made to believe that our sexuality is shameful or sinful. This separation is what has caused the great duality and suffering within humanity. How can the force of pure life that created you be anything but a miracle. The fears of it’s power is what caused it to be shut down or persecuted. It is time to embrace it’s beauty once more. Let us free ourselves from the shame, and reclaim it’s holiness as a pure and vital life force for your souls expression and expansion. 

Sacred sexuality attunes you to a direct and accelerated path of spiritual awakening. It is time for sexuality to be viewed in its truth, it is essential for sexuality to be reclaimed and honoured as the vehicle of discovering the light of the divine within you and with another. 



Sexual Healing Workshops UK
Sexual Healing Workshops UK
Sexual Healing Workshops UK