What Is A Sovereign Sexual Healer?

A Sovereign Sexual Healer is a women on a journey of liberation into her own sexuality and the sexuality of humanity.

She holds within her very unique and sacred codes of the Dragon Rose Mysteries

The Dragon Rose has spoken, the message is clear… Humanity is birthing a new kind of Sovereign Sexual Healer among her people. If you have landed on this page you can be sure that your soul is guiding you to take the next step into the role of sexual healer on our sacred Gaia.

Healing own own sexuality allows us to heal the sexuality of the humanity. By stepping into and reclaiming your sovereign Temple you begin to activate and awaken all those around you, just through the embodiment of this healthy expression we create shift in the collective sexual wounding of our planet. Within in any face and any role; mother, wife, lover, you are the new Sovereign Sexual Healer of our earth. You are resonating and vibrating a frequency, an embodiment and a wisdom that will carry forward this new sexual healing into the world. An energy that is so desperately needed in our current society and times.

You are a Dragon Rose Priestess

Who Is The Dragon Rose Priestess

A Dragon Rose Priestess is a women who is Sovereign unto herself.

  • She is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She walks in grace and beauty, devoted to her sacred path.

  • She is "transcendent, even while her sensual, sexual essence flows freely as a river within her."

  • She has embraced and embodied both the dark and the light aspects of her sacred feminine essence. Deeply grounded in her pelvis and thighs. Her bare feet rooted deep into the Earth.

  • She knows that her lower chakras are interdependent gateways to accessing and awakening her to her destiny.

  • She honours, supports and works with her lower chakras and does not flee from their roots to the earth and the depths.

  • She hides nothing and is in full acceptance of who she is.

  • She is discerning of her time and energy and is able to bend the perceived constructs of space and time.

  • She is a messenger, a way-shower, an embodied force, holding the universe within her expanding womb of love.

  • She carries with her a gift; sacred codes and wisdom that she offers with an open heart to all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. For those that don’t she blesses their journey with love.

  • She acts from a place of illumination and acceptance of her gifts and powers of manifestation and abundance.

  • She acts with the highest integrity, honour and love no matter what role she serves in humanity.

  • She recognises that her sexuality and the sexuality of men and women are sovereign and divine and are the foundation for the healing, balance and harmony of our Scared Mother Gaia.

  • She devotes herself service to bring healing and transformation to her own life, and in doing so she offers the miracles of this mirror to all that she comes into contact with.

  • She recognises the sacred alchemic union of the beloved within and without and the divine abilities she has to co-crate limitlessly with the Divine when she accesses the primordial life force energy that exists within..

  • She can sense within the pure and potent gift that her utilising her sexual energy, primordial desire and passion as a doorway to her divinity and creativity. She sees how when accused and expressed she can co-create limitlessly with the divine. Knowing how the joy the pleasure, the eros and the erotocism are the foundations to guide their journeys home.

  • Sexuality is the foundation of our reason for being and when treated in honour, love and integrity can be the juice and the fire that awakens you to your souls gifts and your ability to manifest and co crate limitlessly in this lifetime.