The Journey Home

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I am a deeply centred and satisfied mother of five incredible boys, four of whom were born on the same day! We live in Wales in the UK; the forest is our backyard and playground.

I am a devoted advocate for Mother Earth. My heart's desire and life’s work is to serve as a wayfinder and spiritual voice bringing to earth the teachings of the ancients, as a key to unlocking the doors to your own authentic truth. It is my highest honour to facilitate your journey to connect you to your highest potential.

Today, I live my life with a passionate full body presence. Each day, I connect with and ground into the source of our creation so that I may know how to live, love, and serve from my Highest Self. 

Over the years, as I have deepened into this truth and devotion, I have come to understand the collective needs of men and women. I have become skilled at seeing and feeling the many ways in which love, community, creativity, and living our purpose are the greatest pleasures of humanity that we are all consciously or unconsciously seeking. Sadly, the very things that unify us in our human experience are often so far from the centre of our modern lives.

My devotion is to create sacred space and ceremony in reverence to the Divine that allows these higher vibrational rites of passage to be revealed, accessed, and remembered. I seek to share this space with my clients as a way to bring love and hope to generations to come. 

As many of you are acutely aware, we are drowning in a sea of unhealthy sexuality and sexual expression that is impacting everything around us. Our children are being influenced, and their realities are being shaped by a distorted view of love, intimacy, and relationships. I dream of a new world where sexuality is viewed in its truth. In this world, men and women stand side by side. Their vibration of Divine Love is a source of healing for Self, for others, and for our sacred Mother Earth. In this world, individual Divinity is absolute; seen, honoured, and revered for its differences and for the oneness that unites All That Is.

I am completely in awe of the beauty of human life and the limitless personal sovereignty and evolution that we have the ability to access, explore, and embody. 

To offer my work I work in the world, I apply a number of healing and awakening tools and practices that I have been trained in, as well as many methods that are self taught and remembered through my own spiritual awakenings. The primary form of body work that I share is the AH Practice. This is a deeply feminine awakening and healing modality that opens the doors to your sexual sovereignty as you tap into your own body wisdom and ancient knowledge. I offer workshops and one-on-one healing sessions to guide men and women into these deeper spaces of inner and outer Sacred Union and into the embodiment of Divine purpose and love.

Much love,

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Men and women that I have journeyed with say…

With online Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening sessions with Emma, you can rest assured that Emma will hold for you a sacred space with unfaltering reverence and love, to enter incredible new depths of Self. During my experience with her I felt fully seen, fully heard, fully held and fully respected in my totality. I felt completely safe and free to experience whatever needed to arise - and a great deal did! Over the past decade I’ve experienced and also facilitated many profound healing experiences, but none have reached the depths in the way Emma’s work does. Rarely am I surprised these days at what arises to the surface asking for healing within myself, but when I experienced what arose and was cleared during my session with Emma, I was dumbstruck. And already this healing has had a profound impact on the intimacy in my relationship, opening me to my partner in a way I never dreamed possible. My intent for healing was first and foremost for myself, so to see how in one session this directly impacts the intimacy with my beloved is astounding - and yet makes perfect sense! Emma is a highly gifted and powerful healer, and I am in no doubt whatsoever that what she facilitated for me was a truly life-altering experience. In deepest gratitude dear Sister. xx
Thank you so much for allowing me to come and experience your healing. I felt such a strong connection with you from the very start. I have been carrying so much confusion, grief and fear and didn’t realise until more recently how much it was actually affecting me. It was so cathartic in many ways to share my story completely honestly with you and for you to validate and understand it with the grace that you did. The body work had a very strong effect on me and not what I had expected at all. By the end of the session though I had an overwhelming feeling of groundedness and stillness that I have not had before. This continued all the way home in the car and that evening. I felt very calm, at one with myself and content - it was very unusual and powerful. You have an amazing talent for what you do and I felt completely comfortable and lovingly supported with your words and deeds. The way you honoured me and my experience was very beautiful and wholesome and has had a great effect on me.
— Tom, Ireland

More Testimonials


“Her essence throbs out from under the cover of skin she’s wearing, unable to be contained.  

Her gifts shine through every pore, showing all of her.

She carries with her the scars of many traumas, these scars the beauty marks of her soul. They allow her the understanding, the empathy, the love and the seeing she has for every soul she meets. 

Each day she listens, holding heart and womb, hearing the Divine whisper, always following the voice, no matter how deep the cave or treacherous the waters.

The glowing white she wears reflects her purest self.

The drum she beats echoes her heartbeat.  

This heart burns inside her with a passion that overcomes the impossible that is her life.  

Every day, she wakes to the reality of her world, the energy she’ll need, the work she’ll have to do, the life no one understands.  

Every day, that impossible reality transforms into the miracle that she is.”

Rachelle Gibson

Honouring of Emma Beth, gifted from the Divine