Full-Bodied Presence, Love & Purpose

Are you an awakening man ready to let go of the shame you hold around your sexuality and sexual desire? Yet, are you being held back by feelings of unworthiness or by guilt about your true longings and cravings? Are you ready to let go of the wounding you a carrying from the Patriarchy and your personal or cultural experiences. Can you feel you need to shift? However, are you unsure how to rewire the stories and the limiting beliefs that play out for you in your mind on a daily basis? 

Are you at a place in your life where you are questioning to the depths of your core…

Who am I? 

Sexual wounding and trauma, sexual shame, self doubt, lack of self confidence and lack of self love can haunt you your entire life. When you can’t sweep your emotions under the rug any longer, you will feel the cry from your soul. It is during these moments, this truth, that you are presented with the gift to clear the blockages from your heart and create change. You have the opportunity to live from a place of openness and freedom. You can live unfettered, un-diverted and present in the moment of the beauty of life and beauty of the feminine. Surrendering into the love and Sacred Union that comes from this Divine Communion.

The roles of the masculine and feminine have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Men are no longer the sole income earner or the most driven member of intimate partnership. So, when your value is no longer measured by what you do, your finances or your social status, how do you determine your value and worth in this world? 

I hold such honour and reverence for the journey of the divine masculine back to their truth. Working closely with the energies and the wisdom of the Divine and Mother Earth to support this deep inner work.


If you have a specific intention our outcome in mind for our time together then please let me know. I will share an outline of what we could engage with that I feel would support you as you journey into these uncharted spaces.

Cultivating Personal Practice

Exploring principles, tools, meditations and embodiment practices to create a personal practice that will continue to support your journey and the awakening of your heart.

The AH Practice

A 90 min clothed or internal AH healing session to support you in reconnecting to your heartspace, to clear energetic blockages and conscious or subconscious wounds and patterns

Meditation and Embodiment Practices

To help you work with more subtle energies and feel a deeper connection to yourself, to the Divine and in your intimate relationships. Cultivating a more healthy relationship to your inner feminine/masculine

Sacred Space

Being offered a sacred space and container to be held and witnessed in the expression of anything; fear, shame, guilt, longing, desire, with the upmost reverence and respect.


Despite all of our best efforts, Eros will not be silenced. Eros is still here whether it shows up in secret shameful desires or secret shameful eating... in rebellious acts of sexual delight or lonely acts of sexual desperation. The erotic is in our buildings and bridges, our high art and low porn. It is what the body wants and what we refuse to give it... It is the desire swept so far under the rug that we can’t even name it anymore, yet it is still here. The erotic is waiting, curious and hungry, growing impatient for our acceptance. Ready to leap out at unexpected and inopportune moments. The domestication of our primate souls cannot stamp it out, nor the threat of stoning nor shame nor even the threat of death. Even when Eros appears to have surrendered beneath a sea of calm, measured reason and propriety it is there... diverted into the car purchase, the affair, the internet shopping spree, the constant surfing and yearning to fill the empty spaces in our souls.
— Anonymous

Are you ready to step fully into your innate desire to face and conquer death in a new way? Are you ready to awaken your heart and mind to the spiritual freedom that comes from facing your fears and letting go of anything that is limiting your capacity to love? By dismantling the person that you have created with lies, shame and fear, you will create the space to build a new person rooted in love, confidence and self respect.



  • Let go and release sexual trauma, wounding, sexual shame, self doubt, lack of self confidence and lack of self love

  • Deepen into your heart and access, honour and bring reverence to your primal Divine Masculine expressions and desire

  • Connect into to your personal sovereignty, calling in your own ancient wisdom of Divine love, freedom and sexual healing and awakening

  • Activate soul gifts, awakening you to your purpose and mission

  • Learn how to come into ravishment and passionate Sacred Union with the Divine Feminine


Begin the Journey Home

This is not work for the faint-hearted. Nurturing this person takes work. It is a choice that you will need to make every single day. I offer a hand and a door for you to open into your truth, to free yourself from your wounding, trauma and limiting beliefs. This is for men who are on a committed path of self inquiry, self love and self mastery. 

I invite you to step into your Divine Masculine power; to own and harness your loving darkness. The profound space of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual oneness that we will share through the practice of Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening will allow your fullness to be witnessed. Be held in a space of Divine love and presence where you will be able to open your heart and express, share and confess your unseen or unfelt parts in the knowing of true acceptance and honouring.


For more detailed information about what is offered during an AH healing session, please click below



Dear Men

I see you, I feel you, I honour you. As you feel into your unfelt parts may you sense the warmth of my love and presence holding your hand. May you feel comfort and safety to express what you need to express and retreat into your cave in times of silence. May you feel my feminine force dancing at the door to your cave, and may wave upon wave of self compassion and trust ease and guide your heart. May any parts of your being, Self and sexuality that has been shut down due to the horrors of what you are feeling and experiencing be held in my safe hands until you have felt through it all and let it go. May you know always that I am here, holding space for you to explore and heal those parts. We are rising together, we are forging a new path. I see you, I feel you. I honour you. 

Yours, devoted, She