A deep surrender into uniting sexuality and spiritually, igniting intimate relationships into soul awakening Sacred Union and embodied Love.


Your sexuality in it’s pure and authentic expression, is a powerful force of creation and embodied love. It is the gateway to discovering the Beloved Divine relationship that lies ready to be awakened within. As you free yourself from your sexual wounding and trauma you will begin to see its radiance. You will access the truth of your pure Divine essence and your power as a sovereign co-creator in the world. 

Private sessions allow for a deep mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connection. This will open you to experience the direct path for activating your own healing and the spiritual and sexual awakening of your human body from a higher dimensional reality. 


  • You are seeking deeper, more meaningful soul connections and unified oneness in relationship

  • You are feeling unseen or unmet in your current intimate partnership

  • You are a Divine Feminine in a turbulent Twin Soul union

  • You are a Divine Feminine who can feel the call to support and guide the hearts of the awakening Divine Masculine

  • You are seeking to magnetise a Divine Beloved relationship

  • You are an awakening Divine Masculine ready to create lasting change in your life by uncovering the beliefs, wounds and armour you are carrying, allowing the Divine Feminine to guide you to accessing a new reality

  • You desire deeply connected, heart opening, passionate sexual intimacy and connection

  • You are open to bring consciousness, acceptance and reverence to both dark and light expressions of your sexuality

  • You ready to let go of seeking outside of yourself for things to change for you

  • You understand that for your relationships to be accessed at the level you desire, the key to this Sacred Union lies within

  • You hold sexual wounds of shame, guilt, fear, unworthiness, rejection or abandonment

  • You have known or felt sexual trauma from personal, collective, cultural, past life or ancestral lines

  • You are experiencing pain, dysfunction, disconnect or distortion in your sexuality

  • You are open to merge spirituality and sexuality with the capability to bring your life into embodied oneness, love and purpose

  • You are willing to surrender into and trust in something greater than you to access your sovereign powers of healing and awakening




In your initial session, we start with a period of discussion to enable me to fully feel into, witness and understand your needs and desires. This allows me to guide and support your journey to the highest degree possible by creating a customised healing experience for you. During this time, I will share with you the options for the session based on your needs in order for you to receive the greatest possible benefit. I will also answer any questions you have. We will be working on a mat or a massage table as we proceed into the main part of the session. As the healing portion of the session comes to a close, there will be a period of integration, reflection and grounding to prepare you for re-entry into your life, giving you a renewed perspective.

My love and devotion to creating sacred space and ceremony is reflected in the care and attention I give to the container that I create for you take your sovereign journey. I ensure that you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually held throughout your experience to allow you to fully surrender into the subtle realms.



Sessions last up to 90 minutes

Internal sacred spot touch-healing sessions are a deeply powerful journey into accessing and releasing the wounding, trauma and imprinting that is held within the sacred spot of both men and women. Once entering the sacred container we connect together in spiritual oneness, opening the doors for the subtle realms to be accessed. I first address your chakras while you are robed. When we have deepened into the session, I ask permission to unveil and honour your sacred flesh and body. This most profound experience of being honoured and witnessed with Divine love and reverence may be a first time experience for both men and woman. This honouring leaves an immediate, lasting impact on your sense of self-love and worth. Sacred spot touch is a gentle, loving touch of the internal sacred area and lasts for as long as needed. I am guided by you and your body at all times. This session is facilitated with the utmost love, integrity and Divine honouring.


Sessions last up to 90 minutes

Clothed sessions have been lovingly created as an alternative to the internal sacred spot touch-healing and awakening practice. For those that are seeking a powerful, safe and nurturing experience but have stronger personal boundaries. Once we’ve entered the sacred container, we will connect together in spiritual oneness, opening the doors for subtle realms to be accessed. I address your chakras and etheric body through gentle touch, guiding your releases and activations through sound, breath and movement.


Each session Internal or Clothed, is exquisitely unique to the individual. You are fully held and witnessed to experience all kinds of sounds, emotions, revelations, and arousal through the accessing of your sexual energy. As you surrender into your body’s innate wisdom, you will be able to bring exactly what is needed for you into the physical in your healing and awakening journey.


Some clients find that one session meets their needs. Others who hold deeper wounding and trauma benefit from a more intimate journey together, to fully release and access their sovereign power and gifts of inner healing. To book please use the booking request below. To benefit from the discount, please contact me directly for booking.


1 session - £100

3 sessions - £285

5 sessions - £450

7 sessions - £595


1 session - £125

3 Sessions - £356

5 Sessions - £562

7 Sessions - £743

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Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience. I can feel a magical shift in myself already. You were so in tune with what my body needed.
— Charlotte, Bristol

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