She Sees Her Beauty


She sits naked in front of the mirror

She gazes at Her reflection

She sees Herself

Her body is beauty

She breathes deep into Her heart 

Her Womb

Her Yoni

She drums

She breathes

She feels the rupture

The vibration

It flows through Her

The bliss

The ecstasy

She feels connected

As One 

She loves every piece of Herself 

It moves Her to tears

Her Yoni vibrates with the pulse and force of life

Her bush natural and wild like Her soul

She feels free 

All woman 

The drumming increases 

The breath deepens

She feels it rising in Her

The force of pleasure and release 

It erupts

It rolls through Her like a volcano

Such potency 

Such purity

She feels it in Her soul

It raptures Her entire being 

She shudders and shakes 

Revels in the ecstasy that She has created for Herself, within Herself

She is perfect

She is whole 

She is complete 

She feels able to be and create anything in Her life 

Anything that Her heart desires

She wraps herself in a soft blanket and lies still

Listening for the messages

So held and so supported in everything 

This feels like the Womb again 

Safe and protected 

She could lie here forever watching the candles flicker in the soft gaze of Her eyes 

Smelling the fragrance of frankincense wafting in the air

She anoints her Womb with Lavender, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Geranium and Ylang Ylang

She allows it to seep into Her place of power

Her place of Life and Love

She sees Her truth in this moment 

To gift this feeling to all women 

To allow them to feel this same sense of oneness, connection and wholeness

A place from which all else emanates 

A place from which She is all things and all things are She

Emma BethMusings