Enchanted by His Primal Desire


His eyes penetrate Her as She stands in front of the mirror

She senses Him and turns to meet His gaze.

So many giggles are evoked as the throbbing of Her pussy takes over.

Joyful life force moves through Her.

Each breath opening Her centres one by one.

His gift of energetically playing with Her with the power of his mind.

Her Divine nectar drips from Her sacred hole.

She pauses to fully embody this moment.

The warmth throughout Her body.

Enchanted by His primal desire.

Each inhale draws Him deeper into Her soul.

Each exhale expands Her being and pulses electric energy between them.

A unified current.

He sees Her wanton desire, 

and for a moment He stops.

With a cheeky glint in His eye, he kisses Her and walks away. 

Emma Beth