I Am Listening


I close my eyes

I see you standing before me

Your smile

Wow, your smile


My eyes trace your form

Imprinting it into my being

My hips start to move

An uncontrollable reaction to your presence 

A slow sway

A loving smile moves across my lips

You meet my gaze and speak the silent words that invite me to let go

My body surrenders into you

Breath softens as i feel you move through me

You place a hand on my heart and the other on my womb

“I am listening” you say

I trust you completely

Your knowing

It cuts through all the patriarchal wounds, trauma and stories from the past that have defined my existence

My body starts to shake

I open to receive

I let our connection in this moment be the bridge

The depth of your gaze

The force of your love

My legs give way as I fall into your strong embrace





Emma BethMusings