That Place They Know To Be Home

Her soul

It aches

Her heart beats with a pulse that calls to Him 

She longs to feel His touch

A touch She remembers from times past 

Their eyes locked

Searching deeply inside to meet one another in that place they know to be home 

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Emma Beth
A Rhythm Like No Other

She feels Her Divine nectar start to spill

As She brings Him into mind

His hand rests lovingly on Her

Pulsing the magnetic force of life throughout Her entire being

It explodes out every centre

Pure White Light

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Emma BethMusings
Enchanted by His Primal Desire

His eyes penetrate Her as She stands in front of the mirror

She senses Him and turns to meet His gaze.

So many giggles are evoked as the throbbing of Her pussy takes over.

Joyful life force moves through Her.

Each breath opening Her centres one by one.

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Emma Beth
An Unimaginable Gift

I have no words. The tears are streaming down my face. Here in the darkness, in the stillness. I can feel you, the pure knowing of your energetic presence.

You feel so fucking powerful, so loving; so safe, a true Warrior of the Heart.

What an honour for me to meet you here, to bow to you.

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Emma Beth
Hunted in Love

She is being hunted in Love

She knows Her fate and yet She still dances through the trees

The air is alive with passion

Ancient hunger and primal desire

He can sense Her

He is close

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Emma BethMusings
You Are Free

We have no control 

We are what we see 

Underneath all the sorrow you are free 

Look how far you have come 

The path is ever changing 

Follow your heart 

Know your truth 

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Emma BethMusings