The AH Practice

A fully embodied sovereign experience that will awaken ancient teachings within you.


The AH Practice serves to heal and awaken you in many different was. It is a modern day mystery school initiation. You are here in the now. Your daily life and current reality are where I guide and create a safe container from which you can access these ancient mystery school teachings.

Since ancient times in western countries mystery schools have existed as a way for those who feel called to follow a sacred path that’s leads to both knowledge of the Self and the invisible worlds. The goal of the mysteries is the conscious realisation of the self as connected to all beings, visible and invisible, in the web, and connected to with Divine Source. From this realisation comes the inner knowing to be able to bring these non visible realms and their teachings into the physical world for healing, both physical and planetary. 

The AH Practice is a fully embodied sexual healing and awakening experience that allows you to create your own direct path for recognising the sovereign creator that already lives within you. Activating your own healings and the spiritual and sexual awakening of your human body from a higher dimensional reality. 

All polarised forces of nature which can be viewed in duality, also exist within ourselves as a balanced Divine Oneness. This harmony and balance lies beyond all gender identification of God or Goddess archetypes. They are accessed and explored by surrendering to your own innocent nature.
— Kaia Rah

The Mirror (MENTAL)

A feeling of being seen, a sense of equanimity and accessibility that softens, inspires and empowers you. We are all on this journey together. We have all experienced challenges and successes. May mine be reflected in you for you own sovereign journey.

The Intimate Recognition (EMOTIONAL)

A soft eye gaze that creates deep Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart recognition. This will allow you to access the already present ancient knowledge within you. These responses will invoke your acceptance and celebration of your Higher Self.


The Initiation (PHYSICAL)

As I sit in the presence of the Priestess, I allow you to have your own sovereign experience. I do not give you anything or penetrate anything into you. You are at all times accessing and using your own sovereign power of your Higher Self to command your own healing and awakening. My purpose is to recognise, witness and honour you, allowing you to embody the divine that already lives within you.

The Container (SPIRITUAL)

Creating a sacred safe container for you to explore and experience these new higher vibrations, dimensions and realms. Opening doors to new sensory perceptions, awakenings and downloads.

The Higher Self (ETHERIC)

Accessing of your own inner healing tools and gifts through the sifting of the awareness from logical to feeling. From physical to energetic.

As you let go and open yourself up to experience your own sovereign experience you build a bridge from higher dimensional realities to yours. The result is a new higher frequency vibration resonating within your physical being allowing you to access and receive new beliefs, thought patterns, awareness and solutions for your life. 

As you ground these higher frequencies with your dimensional reality on Earth you will create new neurological pathways that radically support your willingness to consciously live your life in absolute sovereignty. With continued commitment to your path and daily communion with the Divine you will become ever increasingly aligned. 

I was very drawn to sacred sexual healing and awakening. With my own sexual trauma as a child I have always used sex as an object. I have always found it easier to just disconnect from it. As I have started early menopause this disconnecting was increasing. My bodies natural response to sex and sexuality has been fight or flight mode, and I have always been acting from my head. This work has opened so many doors for me. I am finding my voice a voice that I still sometime surprise myself with. I’m taking more charge of my sexual feelings and I’m acknowledging myself.
— Bernice, Milton Keynes

Honouring of my Mentors and the AH Practice

The AH Practice has it’s origins in sacred spot healing and Tantra Yoga, though it is now moved beyond the realm of Tantra to become it’s own unique body of work.

It originated from Caroline Muir founder of the Divine Feminine Institute. She advanced sacred spot healing into a more feminine practice and originated the fully clothed work. Amrita Grace evolved the work even further into the feminine to become a practice of presence. This is true Priestess work, becoming a hollow bone, an empty vessel for spirit to move through you.

AH Practice now includes both fully clothed work and sacred spot touch. Using elements of breath, sound and movement to activate our bodies energy fields. What distinguishes the AH Practice from other sexual healing modalities is the use of a soft eye gaze, which creates a deep soul connection and profound states of altered consciousness.

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