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There was a time when men and women walked side by side in Divine Union. Their individual sovereignty honoured and revered. The deep trust in their authenticity and truth, the foundation from which they came together to support one another. They were connected not only in physical and emotional. They were spiritually united as a joined force, that brought with it gifts of telepathy and deep energetic soul knowing. Their union provided compassion and empowerment to each other; modelled down to their families and communities alike.

Priest Kings would hold court for their Priestess Queens, in reverence of their pure feminine expressions of life force and love. Their bodies resting in mediative stillness and presence to receive the heart awakening gifts of their Queen; a divine sexual union that would awaken life force of Shakti inside of them. Facing each other in prayer they would meet each other heart to heart, soul to soul; the union of the Beloved.

Our journeys to this Sacred Marriage is a journey within as well as being practised with a devoted partner. The inner Beloved Sacred Union is vital for our ability to hold court or breath love with another in true reverence.

The true alchemy of this pathway when practiced inwardly or with another provides awakenings and transmissions from subtle realms. When grounded back down into this reality, these these higher frequencies open the unifying in unconditional love of two polarities. Through honesty, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, strength, courage and forgiveness a Higher Self consciousness is birthed, that opens doors to living and breathing life in a completely new way.


Hi, I’m Emma Beth

I am a mother of five incredible boys (four of which were born on the same day!) We live in Wales in the UK; the forest is our backyard and playground.

I am a devoted advocate for Mother Earth. My heart's desire and life’s work is to serve as a wayfinder and spiritual voice bringing to earth the teachings of the ancient, as a key to unlocking the doors to your own authentic truth. Facilitating your journey to connect you to your highest potential is a great honour.

I live my life with a passionate full body presence, each day connecting and grounding to the source of our creation so that I may know how to live, love and serve from my Highest Self. 

As I deepen into this truth and devotion I come to understand the collective needs of men and women. Seeing and feeling the ways in which love, community, creativity and living our purpose are traits of humanity that we are all consciously or unconsciously seeking. The very things that unify us in our human experience. 

My devotion to creating sacred space and ceremony in reverence of the Divine allow these higher vibrational rites of passage to be revealed to me through the innate gifts that I am able to access and remember. 

I seek to share these teachings as a way to bring love and hope to generations to come. We are drowning in a sea of unhealthy sexuality and sexual expression that is impacting everything around us. Our children are being influenced, and their realties are being shaped by a distorted view of love, intimacy and relationships. I dream of a new world where sexuality is viewed in its truth. In which men and women stand side by side. Their vibration of Divine Love a source of healing for Self, for others and for our sacred Mother Earth. A world where individual Divinity is absolute; seen, honoured and revered for the differences and the oneness that unites All That Is.

I am completely in awe of the beauty of human life and the limitless personal sovereignty and evolution that we have the ability to access, explore and embody. 

I work with a number of healing and awakening tools and practices that I have been trained in, as well as those self taught and remembered through my own spiritual awakenings. My main body work that I share is the AH Practice; a deeply feminine awakening and healing practice that opens the doors to your sexual sovereignty as you tap into your own body wisdom and ancient knowledge. I offer workshops and one on one healing sessions dedicated to guiding men and women in their willingness to experience these deeper spaces of inner and outer Sacred Union and embodiment of purpose and love.

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Sexual Healing Practitioner UK

Fully Embodied Sexual Healing & Awakening

When we seek Sacred Union to tend to seek something outside of ourselves. Sacred Sexuality teaches us that in order to truly surrender into love with another, we need to connect with ourselves in a harmonious Sacred Union of our own inner masculine and feminine. Only then can we be open, undefended and free to merge with another in true reverence. Engaging in open heart to heart, soul to soul relationship.

We have all of the ancient tools and knowledge to tap into our Divinity and Higher Selves that will begin the deep honouring and cherishing of our true essence.

Our bodies, our cells, our DNA hold the codes that will unlock this potential within us. Lean into and surrender to the unknown and be guided to a place where you are able to access this knowing. Bringing it back down into your physical being and human reality.

Allow yourself to take the path that will lead you on a journey to be supported and guided in every moment by your own Divinity

By choosing this path of Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening you are choosing to free your being from the trauma, wounding and social conditioning that has controlled your existence until now. You are opening the doors to a new way of operating from a higher vibrational frequency; from Divine Love in every present moment.

This is deep work, for those that are open and willing to immerse themselves in a path of transformation, having courage and faith in concepts that you may have been led to believe are wrong shameful or even sinful. Your trust and commitment will open up the bridge and begin the journey into allowing your awareness to remember the truth of who you are.

I invite you to begin the journey into a reclamation, reconnection and remembering of how this vital energy guides your soul on the inner pathways of self love and self recognition.

  • Healing of sexual trauma and wounding (known or felt) from personal, collective, cultural, past life or ancestral lines

  • Awakening of vital sexual life force energy 

  • Embodied fullness of Self, in love, honouring, worth and sovereignty 

  • Living of your authentic truth 

  • Deeper intimate relationship with Self and others  

  • Spiritual awakenings and activations of your passions and soul purpose 

  • Conscious Sacred Sexual Union  

  • Divine communion and alignment with Mother Nature   

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Upcoming Workshops


A Celebration into Conscious Intimacy

Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening Couples Workshop

28th -29th SEPTEMBER 2019

Sacred Sexual Healing & Awakening Couples Workshops have been lovingly created for couples who identify with a masculine and feminine sexual essence. They are an opportunity to be held and guided in a powerful sacred container. A chance to heal, awaken, open and surrender. Allowing for a fully immersive experience into dissolving the barriers to love and deepening our capacity and embodiment of intimacy and sacred sexual union with ourselves, our beloveds and the Divine.


Sacred Devotion

A collection of musings, honouring, revelations and articles penned through my heart connected conversations with the Divine



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