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There was a time when men and women walked side by side in Divine Union. Between them, individual sovereignty was honoured. Their bonds were founded in authenticity, truth, and mutual support. Their connections were physical, emotional, and spiritual. They shared gifts of telepathy and soul knowing, compassion, and empowerment. These powerful relationships modelled love that enriched families and communities. 

I am called to support the men and women who are ready to bring this model of high love back to planet earth. If are longing to learn more about this path, welcome. 

You are in the right place. 


Upcoming Workshops


Sacred Intimacy Couples Workshop


The Goddess House, Glastonbury, UK


The Avalon Initiations

15th - 19th JUNE 2020

Glastonbury, UK



Hi, I’m Emma Beth…


And I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

My role in this life is to support you in your willingness to receive your own unlimited personal and sexual sovereignty. I walk the path of the Priestess. This means creating safe and sacred space to assist you in releasing and healing that which holds you back from your fully expressed soul gifts and creative abundance. I act as a bridge between the worlds, co-creating my life and work so that I can serve through my highest expression.

Many men and women find me after opening to the knowing in their hearts, that the next step in their healing and awakening journey is to reclaim their life-force energy, their passion, purpose and pleasure. A delight and reverence for their bodies and a sacred inner communion with their masculine and feminine essence. I see clients who are seeking to take their sexual power back and heal their physical health issues, sexual dissatisfaction or dysfunction, sexual trauma histories, relationship concerns, and creative blocks. In my own way, I, too, have experienced hardship. My own personal journey has been a bumpy and exhilarating ride. After a number of life-changing experiences in a tremendously short space of time plunged me into darkness, I was forced to completely let go of control and what I thought I knew as reality.

As I began a holistic journey to discover my true essence, I had only a faint whisper of an intuitive voice as my guide. Despite this, I was eventually able to use natural methods to heal my cervical cancer, arthritis, and psoriasis. I reclaimed and reconnected with my wild, dark, and messy cyclical nature. And I awakened to my divine sexual expression of feminine power. 

I want you to know that no matter what you’re suffering with right now, or what you’ve been through, all of this healing and expansion is available to you, too. In fact, it is your birthright.

Today, I am guided to spread the truth of the Sacred Sexual Mysteries and to activate long forgotten pathways within men and women so that they, too, can reconnect to their essence and express Divine Masculine and Feminine energies both within and without. I utilise many tools and gifts with which I have extensive experience. It is my highest honour to hold sacred space in which others can explore, unlock, and express their fullness, discover sacred passion, heal wounds, and eliminate self-limiting beliefs and physical ailments.

I thank you for finding me and I look forward to getting to know you in all your radiance, vitality, and power.


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Sexual Healing Practitioner UK

What is Embodied Sexual Healing & Awakening

Many men and women who first begin seeking Divine Union may initially imagine they are looking for something outside of themselves. But Sacred Sexuality teaches us that in order to truly surrender into love with another, we must first connect with ourselves in a harmonious Sacred Union of our own inner masculine and feminine energies. Only then can we be open, undefended, and free to merge with another in true reverence. The inner work prepares us to engage in open, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul relationship with another.

It has been a blessing for me to discover that although modern society does not openly promote Divine Union, some of us have been reminded that we have all of the ancient tools and knowledge necessary to connect with our Higher Selves. This is how we begin to access and honour our true essence.

Our bodies, our cells, our DNA hold the codes that will unlock this potential within us. In our work together, you will be guided to lean into and surrender to the unknown. You will journey to a place where you are able to access this knowing and will learn methods to bring it back down and anchor it into your physical human reality. 

Work with me invites you on a journey where you will be supported in every moment by your own Divinity.By choosing this path of Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening, you are choosing to free your being from the trauma, wounding, and social conditioning that has controlled your existence until now. You are opening the doors to a new way of operating from a higher vibrational frequency; from Divine Love in every present moment. 

This is deep work, for those who are open and willing to immerse themselves in an experience of transformation, with courage and faith in concepts that many of us have been led to believe are wrong, shameful, or even sinful. Radical trust and commitment will initiate your system to begin the beautiful process of remembering the truth of who you are.

I invite you to join me.

I invite you to begin the journey into a reclamation, reconnection and remembering of how this vital energy guides your soul on the inner pathways of self love and self recognition.

  • Healing from sexual trauma and wounding (known or felt) from personal, collective, cultural, past life, or ancestral origins

  • Awakening of vital sexual life force energy

  • Embodied fullness of self, in love, honouring, worth, and sovereignty

  • Living your authentic truth

  • Deeper intimate relationship with Self and others

  • Spiritual awakenings and activations of your passions and soul purpose

  • Conscious Sacred Sexual Union

  • Divine communion and alignment with Mother Nature



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